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Beauty in Bloom, 36 x 36, original oil, Available... instant impact...

*Made using Pictorem wall tool.

About Sydney Hall Fine Art- Mission Statement

Sydney Hall Fine Art offers a

multi-dimensional approach to art.


Designing your space, be it home or office, can be a complex project and an art in itself. Careful thought, planning and execution are taken to design an art program that suits your needs. I have a gamut of experience working directly with galleries, designers and clients to assist in bringing all variety of concepts to fruition. Additionally, it is absolutely within my repertoire to create large scale and commission pieces. My job is to deliver a creative, customized art solution that is strategically designed for you. The goal is to not only fulfill your aesthetic requirements and enhance your space, but to coordinate with your budget and timeline as well. This is a fluid and fun journey and it would be my pleasure to assist. So, allow those creative flood gates to open and enjoy... your walls never felt so delicious… decor to adore... Please feel free to phone or email with any questions or comments. I very much look forward to working with you in the near future. exciting prospects for all… Thank you for taking the time to consider my work.



Decorating with Fine art

The beauty of fine art is that it is timeless and can transform a space, be it home or office. I have so many clients who say they love their painting more each day and it continues to bring them joy. Fine art chosen for its merit has the extraordinary power to evoke emotion. It is a thoughtful and uniquely original gift, for yourself or another. (Consider the recipients personality and passions when choosing for someone else.) Most importantly, what inspires you- mix styles, genres, mediums, and periods, with confidence…  originality is always in style…

Creating for a space

I work with galleries, designers and clients in a wide variety of facets where they come to me as well as me seeking them out. In essence, I both design for a space and I also create with future unknown spaces in mind, either commercial or residential. My job is to deliver a creative, customized art solution that is strategically designed- whether it is a painting already created or a commission (large scale available).

Gifts for yourself or another

Holidays, birthdays, weddings, Valentine’s, graduations, children's rooms, Mother’s Day, Father's Day, baby showers… or just because… whether for yourself or another... original art is always in style... So Make Your Wish List!- add a pop of color, grow your collection or elevate your entryway. Few gifts are more memorable than fine art. Art has impact. Go exceptional.


Your walls have needs and I'm here to help... SHFA... dare your walls to be as fabulous as you are...